Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome to Yeti Rider

Why "Yeti Rider"? I couldn't really think of a name for a blog and then recalled a note my daughter, Kate, made for me at work one day. I'll take a picture later, but it ended with "YOU GO YETI RIDER!!"

Why am I referred to as "Yeti"? It was a nickname I was given during Mountain Warfare Training near Bridgeport, California while I was in the Marines. I was walking around in the snow without a shirt on and one of the instructors yelled at me that I looked like a "Goddamned Yeti!!" In his defense I was a big, hairy white thing walking around in the snow . . .

I'm creating this blog to keep track of my motorcycles and the trips, rides, and adventures they take me on.

Hope you enjoy!!

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